Friday, June 3, 2011

This calls for cupcakes!

I finished the edits for Zentangle for Kidz! this week, changed the cover colors and sent off the CD. Seems like there should be bells ringing and a party, eh? Perhaps when the book is printed. And cupcakes, I need cupcakes! Here's a little piece of one page to show you how I decided to do the color:

I think I have said this before... but this was a really fun book to do! I can picture some of you jumping up and down saying, "But you had to run away to a hotel TWICE for this book?!"  Hmmm, true. Perhaps that adds to the enjoyment? :-)

This one will be only 20 pages, with the standard Design Originals binding. The colors and printing will be lovely. And of course, the price will be under ten bucks. You can buy copies for all your kids, your grandkids, your friends' kids... (and yourself!) It will be out in July, in time for CHA in Chicago. I would so love to go to CHA! It's the same week as the CZT Retreat in N. Andover. Would I be insane to try and make it to both events? Don't answer that!

To celebrate finishing this book and getting a few more items onto my Etsy site, I had posted a "special" on Facebook, but realized I should extend it to all of you folks too, right? The DEAL is: Buy a copy of Inspired by Zentangle - Fabric Arts book from my Etsy store, and get a FREE Pentel Fabric Gel Roller Pen. (Be sure to make a note on your order that you saw this on my blog). This is the fabric pen that I used to decorate my apron that is featured in the book. Of course I also have the pens for sale on the site.

And I had meant to post this last week, but I got caught up in finishing the book... This note and these photos are from Donna Lacey - a freshly minted CZT. I sat next to her, and her pet rat, at the training workshop a few weeks ago (she had an awesome Zentangle journal!) Well, the rat wasn't... real... but he was charming. A few days after the workshop, Donna and Herkimer (the rat!) visited my store in New Hampshire:

Herkimer loved your shop.  Spent probably an hour there looking at books and deciding what I just HAD to have!! 

Herkimer flirting with SherRee.
Perhaps we should hire him for PR?


  1. I'm sorry, but $8,99 FOR A 20 PAGE BOOK IS HIGHWAY ROBBERY. You, and your publisher, should be ashamed of yourselves.

    I have felt somewhat taken aback by the very right-brained Totally Tangled with it's repetitive patterns from other books. Good luck to the children who get your new book,

  2. I am looking forward to see your book!

  3. Can't wait for your new book to come out! I know that the mother's I teach in my classes will all want one for their children! Great work!

  4. I am so looking forward to seeing your new book. I plan to be at CHA myself so I'll be looking for it. And Webster is full of it. There are economics that must be met so I think your price is fair.

  5. Well... ouch! In all fairness, I don't set the prices on these books. And I make less than a nickel or so per book. What kind of person works for two months straight and then just gives away their work? ANYWAY! I poured my heart and brain into this book... again... and I am really pleased with it and hope it helps and excites lots of people. And if you disagree, that is just fine. Really. No one will force you to buy it (or to read my blog). Trying to stay positive here! :-)

  6. Keep your positive frame of mind..... and I can hear the bells ringing and smell the cupcakes baking!! Congratulations on your new book. And good for you!! You are a true inspirations to all who are tanglers, and those who aspire to create art. Your hard work will reap its rewards.

  7. i'll have you know that herkimer has been INSUFFERABLE to live with since your post. even pearl is having a hard time putting up with him!!!
    i know that everyone deserves their own opinion but to the earlier post herkimer says pppffffffftttttthhh!
    keep up the good work miss sandy b, perhaps this person will discover the ZEN of zentangle and have a change of heart.
    lacey CZT6

  8. Thanks Herkimer!
    Looks like Mayi Carles agrees too. She just did a podcast on Dealing with Difficult Customers:
    She is so funny! :-)

  9. I am definitely going to buy your book what ever it cost! Looking forward to the book launch! It looks great and I love all your books! Have a great day Sandy. Hugs from Norway ;)


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