Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Baby, You can write on my CAR!

Last fall, I taught a class at Artisan's Workshop in New London - for the employees. When it ended, one employee approached and said "You have to see my car!"

These photos don't do "Chuck" justice! It was amazing to walk around and see the variety of tangles and illustrations. Yes! There is a moose on the roof! I love the frog on the front, and you might recognize my fish (from Totally Tangled) on the side?

 This car was lovingly tangled by Jenna Carter - and I hear that she is still adding Zentangles!

You want Chuck, don't you? I know, he's so cool! You can have him too...
Jenna wants to sell the tangled car so she can travel around Europe. Her plan is to leave at the end of July. So if you are interested in owning a totally tangled transport of your own, it can be yours for $4,500. Which is actually a really great deal, come to think... the Tattoo Gnu sold at auction for $6000.

Here is an email I just received from Jenna:

Thank you again for helping me out, it means the world to me to be able to take this trip and know that Chuck is in good hands :0) We're planning on going everywhere while in Europe for about 5 months, we may not come back! Mainly just backpacking around and towards the end picking up a job in one of our favorite countries. Very exciting! It's me and my boyfriend who are going together, we want to learn about life and culture and experience things while we're still young :) 

She has a point. There is a lot to see and the world seems to be changing very quickly. Anyway, if you are interested in contacting Jenna, let me know and I'll connect you.


  1. What did she use to tangle with? What kind of paint or ink? It's fabulous--and I have a white car!!!!

  2. thats exactly what i wanted to say....what did she use...i love it

  3. I asked Jenna and she said: "Sharpie Oil Based paint markers. Just black. The color is acrylic paint with some clear coat varnish spray to hold it on until I clear coat the car permanently. I will be clear coating pretty soon when Chuck is all finished and ready to go!"

  4. Whoa and wow, man! Now that's a work of art. The details on that vehicle are fantastic. It's an eye candy on four wheels!

  5. Amazing! That's one amazing looking car. You guys turned into one fine work of art! Good job guys!

  6. This looks great! I wonder what it will look like if colored cars happened to be your canvas for this kind of art. Painting your black or red car must be a bit more challenging. Oh, have you guys seen a car covered with dust and then turned into a thing of beauty? Here’s an example:


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