Friday, December 17, 2010

Just One More Thing

Shelley was part of a round-robin challenge that 12 artists, mostly from the Womens Caucus for Art, completed this Spring. We worked in Moleskine accordian sketchbooks and each artist set their own rules for the string and other requirements. In my book, I asked everyone to work off a wavy string that ran through the entire book, and then to incorporate some text. I had just gotten my book back last week, so I have not had a chance to study it carefully. But while I was searching for inspiration for the urn, I pulled out the little book and hunted down Shelley's page. Here is what I found:
(Click on image to view larger!)
I was so overwhelmed with how terribly appropriate her quote was! I asked a local business (All Signs) if they could blow it up for me. Even though they are drowning in Holiday rush jobs, Steve, the owner, had it done before dinner (Thanks!!!). I mounted it on fome-cor and it was displayed on the altar, behind Shelley's urn, at the funeral today. By the way, I learned that Shelley had even converted her husband, Ken, to Zentangle! Ken looks like a member of ZZ Top - and I kept wondering what the "ZZ"'s stand for. Completely irrelevant, I know. But I was not the only tangle addict there who was distracted by the great pattern-challenges on the chairs in the funeral parlor... the rug... a few ties... a dress...

Anyway. Shelley's quote was perfect. Today was a glorious (cold) sunshine-y day. There were tons of beautiful flowers. And, there was freedom.


  1. how lovely! and how wonderful that you found it, and had it blown up in time for the funeral. wondrous indeed.

  2. What a treasure Sandy ! I have been so touched by catching up on Shelley's journey with Cancer. I have been missing in action since my husbands passing in July. My muse flew out the window the day he passed away. I am finally beginning to breathe again and my muse is returning...I sure have missed her ! lol !! You are such a great friend to tangle her urn and think to get her tangle blown up. I am sure it is a treasure to remember her with. I find irony in your posting of the japanese Moleskine journals... I had ordered 2 and they came today. I have been trying to figure out how to begin and where in the journals. I have a great idea now.. thanks to your post !! Hugs... Kristy... aka Rose Twofeather at Flickr

  3. Dear Sandy,
    I used to visit your site daily, but in the last couple of months life took over. (sorry) Today I visited and see that you have not posted for a while. Then I read all the posts and understand why. You have been through some rough times, between your divorce and losing a friend. I am so sorry.
    I hope you are healing and my thoughts are with you.
    I don't know if you intend to take up blogging again or not. Selfishly, I hope so. I have your books and enjoy your work and humor so much. But whatever you do, take care of yourself and know there are a number of us out here who wish you well.

  4. Sandy, I am sorry for your loss. and I think "ZZ" might stand for zen zen.


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