Sunday, February 7, 2010

Zentangle Stuff

So, I ran away from home (again) to spend a week in a hotel room ONLY working on this new Zentangle book. In some ways - it was heaven: eat-draw-sleep. In other ways, it was heck - eat-draw-sleep. I do work rather slowly, so I realize that I made need to run away at least three more times in order to finish this book! The good news is that I really like most of what I have done so far. :-)

Now that I am back, my Etsy store is open again - you can order your AlphaTangle book, if you don't have one yet (how is that posible?). I have also added some other Zentangle items and supplies. I have the Official Zentangle Kits, bulk packs of tiles, Micron pens, and an Accessory Kit in a little metal box.


  1. Yay! For running away. I think we should all do it more often!

  2. I would like to run away, also. The problem is coming back! I love the Alphatangle book from the ETSY store, and cannot wait to see your new book.

  3. I'm hoping I can run away in October to take the CZT class! I received my Alphatangle book last week and love it...

  4. I love your book, and I keep showing it off to everyone I meet. I just marvel at each letter and all the patterns, and the astounding collection in the little treasure book you have created. I'm delighted to hear you have another in progress.

    Congrats on running away to draw--can't think of a better excuse to escape. I've got my spot reserved for the May Zentangle Workshop in Mass., so I will be following your example in a few months. For now, the snow will have to keep the world at bay for me to indulge in a day of drawing...

    Wishing you oodles of continued inspiration!


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