Friday, February 19, 2010

Tangle of the Week - Hairy

This is my most recent Zentangle drawing for our ongoing WCANH Journal Challenge. The string in this book (the challenge) is the shape of a fish.

I've included a few tangles from the book I'm working on. Don't you love the Japanese waves in the background? And the tail is based on a pattern by Karenann Young, called Hairy.

I think I will put this fish in the book too, maybe in the section on shading. I actually remembered to scan the drawing before I shaded it. That's the sort of thing I always think of afterwards! (I'd love to do a coloring book).


  1. Love the fish!!! Could have knocked me over with a feather when you mentioned my name! Thanks! I didn't know there were other books out there about Zentangles. I know your book will be great! Your alphabet one is great!

  2. Love the tail tangle and the waves... amazing!

  3. I've just spent the last several hours reading your blog and I'm very excited about your upcoming book. This fish rocks, I'm studying it and have been practicing those waves already. And about that hairy tail...

    I really LOVE this tangle, and I think I've figured out why: It's intuitive. That is, when I first tried it with the directions, I didn't see exactly how to repeat the pattern. Then I thought about it some more, especially about the name. So I drew the vague shape of a head and tried it again, and I got it! Once I kept in my mind the idea of hair, it made much more sense how to do it. In fact, I realized that this is the type of hair that I've always wanted to be able to draw but could never really figure out how! It's Yellow Submarine hair. :)

    So this goes to show you how important names are for tangles.

  4. Thanks for sharing HAIRY and yes please, I hope you do include the fish, he's wonderful!

  5. YES!!! Karenann designed a great tangle - and "Hairy" is very descriptive. I love the intuitive tangles too. But my point about names is obvious here - If I only thought about it as "hairy" - I wouldn't have used it as a fish's tail. So be sure to challenge yourself to think "what else does this remind me of?" And Merc - yes- Yellow Submarine Hair! I told Karenann that it reminded me of a record cover from the 70's. :-)

  6. I love your blog, it gives me a thrill seeing all the wonderful tangles.
    I tangle too, but i can't seem to get past the loopy half-circle thing in my head. I'll keep at it though, something has to un-ravel soon!

  7. Loopy half-circles? Do you mean crescent moon? Some of these patterns have endless variety. Let's see what your doing! Come on!!

  8. Thanks to both you and Karen Ann for Hairy!


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