Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My 40 Tangles Birthday Project

In case you have been wondering... "What ever happened to Sandy's 40 Tangles for her Birthday Project?" Well, I didn't get 40, closer to 30, but that just proves that I am still young at heart, right? But what I did get were absolutely beautiful tiles!!! I love the way that people incorporated their own patterns, words and even objects of importance to ME - into their tangles. One on the left there even has a cat and the Eiffel Tower (I went to France in Sept.) I got tangled tiles, envelopes, notebook pages and even a SHELL!




  1. Somehow I missed this - did you have a party?

  2. We had an Artgirlz Party to celebrate my birthday. But these Tangles were all sent in by lots of people when I begged for 40 to celebrate turning 40. I would be very happy to accept a few more if you wish to contribute! :-)

  3. Ooo - those are soem wonderful tangles, Sandy !
    Happy Belated Birthday ! Oh, and Happy New Year too !

  4. They are lovely. Happy Birthday for whenever it was.

    Thanks so much for adding my 'How to Zentangle' link to your blog. Very much appreciated.

    Have a happy and prosperous New Year!

    'tangle on!

  5. Indeed - happy belated birthday, sorry to have missed it! And Happy New Year!

    What an amazing collection of creativity! The card in the bottom right of the 4th collection looks like your Pane & Beedle tangle of the week. Did you draw that one? (it has SB on it) I like the effect of the interlocked rings on top of it!


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