Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Another Article - Yeah!

As a recovering freelance illustrator, I have to admit that seeing two magazines next to each other on the Borders newstand - each with an article and art by ME! Ohmigosh-I don't have the words to describe the feeling!!! I hope this isn't all of my 15-minutes of fame, because I'd really like to do some more articles.

SO - I have an article on pages 54-57 of the Winter 2009 Cloth, Paper, Scissors - "STUDIOS" Magazine!! My two studios are "featured studios" which means I get more pages. Still, there were a lot of photos left out. Probably doesn't matter except that I described areas and spaces that have no accompanying pics. If anyone is interested in seeing more photos, let me know and I can put up a page with more info.

I really love showing (off) my studios. The rooms themselves are like artworks to me. And my whole reason for creating is to share or show what I make. It must be another one of those ironic curses. I'm an extreme introvert and I crave long blocks of time alone to make stuff and I suck at multi-tasking (and baby-sitting!). And yet, without the human interactions and deadlines... I have no reason to make anything.

A magazine deadline is a GREAT reason to make stuff!!

Note: the article has pictures of my Zentangle cabinet - in progress, and my tangled bathroom floor! And if you haven't yet read my other article about Zentangles and Journals in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine, it is still on the newstands for a few more weeks. :-)


  1. I just finished reading your article in Cloth, Paper and Scissors. It's inspired me to do some of this in my own journals.

  2. I'll be on the look out for the Studios magazine! I'd love to see more pictures! What a wonderful cabinet you have! It's totally awesome! Great job!

  3. Hi Sandy, so glad I found you in both magazines. What an inspiration you are! Just learned about Zentangles two weeks ago. Can't wait to start. Looking forward to following you and seeing more of your creations and studioi's! Julie, Boston, MA

  4. Congratulations on both your publications, I know how exciting it is, and am sure it is not your 15 minutes! The cabinet is fab, would love to see the floor.


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