Monday, September 28, 2009

Zentangles of France

If you've been wondering where the Tangle posts have been... I've been in France for a few weeks taking a class with Anne Bagby and Lynne Perella. I plan on writing about the trip on my other blog, so check over there if you are interested in knowing more!
I was rather amazed at all the Tangles I found on my trip. I started taking photos of them. Here are a few that I stuck in my journal. I took my new, little Polaroid Pogo with me (about $50 at Amazon). The printer is smaller than my journal! The transformer-charger-plug-thingy is bigger than the printer, but it holds a charge for a few hours, worked great, and didn't need a converter for France (just the plug adapter). I got in the habit of sifting through the day's photos before bed. I'd trash the bad/blurry pics and print out a few images that were very odd or memorable. The tiny prints have sticker backing so I'd stick them in the journal and they'd act as writing prompts for me. I'm really glad I did this - I'm already forgetting what I did and when and where...

The most surprising tangle I found was the red mailbox (upper right page). This was up the street from La Cascade, the house we were staying in in Durfort. Metal railings are absolutely everywhere and they have great examples of tangles, as do the roof tiles (last two pics). I have over 600 pictures to sort through and I'm sure there are more tangles hidden in the batch!


  1. Love your work and am enjoying your blog(s)! I am a zentangle addict as well...*S*

    Just curious as to your journal. I was admiring it over on your other blog too. Could you tell me what type of book it is, size, etc? Also, what supplies do you typically carry with you while you travel (as far as your journal goes). What would you consider to be the "essential" items to have along? I am guessing color pencils, glue, some markers???? Thanks!

  2. Hi MamaBugs!
    This journal is a Moleskine sketchbook about 5x8 or so. When I travel I bring Pitt pens for drawing, Inktense colored pencils (good for watercoloring too), a waterbrush, mechanical pencil, glue stick, scissors and my Polaroid Pogo printer and digital camera (Canon Elph). I also like to draw with black PaperMate ballpoint pens.


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