Monday, September 28, 2009

Tangled News

I have an article on Journaling with Zentangles and Sheer Heaven Transfers (not the actual title) coming out in the Nov/Dec issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine!! Buy it, save it - some day I will be famous (at least that is what I tell my patient husband!)

Also, I was accepted to teach at Art & Soul Virginia in May 2010. I am so excited, but also terrified. I have an all-day In-Depth class and then an evening class - on the same day! PLUS - everyone else teaching is really famous and I am afraid no one will sign up for my class! (biting of nails...)


  1. At times like these, I like to quietly sing a Paul Simon song...Fakin' It. "I know I'm fakin' it..." EVERYbody's fakin' it, babe. Just stand up and know that whoever is in your class really wanted to be there. I don't know anyone these days who chooses to throw away money, we all make intentional choices, especially when it comes to non-essentials, such as Art. Well, okay, so Art is an essential for me and a bunch of others, but you know what I mean... :-)


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