Thursday, August 20, 2009

Last Class of the Season

Last night was the last Zentangle class of the season. I'm going to France in September, so I won't have any more classes until this fall. I will post the new schedule here when I have it set up. Next weekend we are having a Tangle Share party at Wingdoodle to show off what everyone has been working on and have a little fun. The party is free, but you do need to register. If you would like information, please email me.

This is a shot of the finished Zentangle tiles from last night's class. The set on the left were the very first ones drawn, the middle group was second, and the final set is on the right. There is one in the first group that should be in the last group - it kind of sticks out, doesn't it? It is just amazing to see the changes as people gain confidence and just "get it"! I get so excited watching as the students develop their own style and alter the patterns to their own taste. I had a nine-year old girl in this group and she was particularly fun to watch. She customized everything, adding stripes and patterns. Very cool! I LOVE this stuff!!

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