Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall Zentangle Classes

I just posted the schedule for Fall Zentangle classes at my Belfry Studio. I am offering Zentangle 101, Zentangle 102, Tangled Art, and Zendalas. Visit my Beez Ink Studio website and click on "Classes" to see the descriptions and dates. You can also download a pdf with the registration form.

There are no classes in September, because I will be in FRANCE, baby! It seemed like a good place to turn 40. Speaking of which, my birthday is on Sept. 15th and this is an important birthday for many reasons. If you are curious, I'll tell you why. But I would love to collect 40 Zentangles to commemorate the event. Please send me one! This is a good chance to put some of the "Tangles of the Week" to good use, right?

Also, I just found out that I was accepted to teach at the 2010 Art & Soul in Hampton, Virginia. I can't even begin to express how freakin' excited I am (and a bit terrified too)!! It is very intimidating to prepare a class 6 months ahead of time for an unknown number of people. Gosh, I hope they like me. (I know they'll like making Zentangles, so that doesn't scare me!)

And tomorrow, I'm hosting a Tangle Share Party at Wingdoodle to see what all my students and their friends have been up to with their tangles this year. Should be a lot of fun! (Goodie Bags! Need I say more?)

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