Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Pink Hoody Visits the Dark Forest

A Cautionary Tale in 6 Pictures Proving That Two-year-olds Will Fall For the Same Trick Over and Over.

Also, this proves that girls who kick butt can still look good and appreciate a pretty dress and stylish flipflops. This is a lesson that Lilah learned from her babysitter, Kayla, who is starting boot camp very soon! (Good luck, Kayla!) By the way, the pretty dress or, rather, "pwitty dess" - is from Little Girl Pearl. Her booth was at the Concord Arts Market and I couldn't resist. Isn't it odd how a girl can grow up as a tomboy (sprained ankles, scabs and ToughSkin jeans) but find herself buying 'pink" when she has a daughter? I never thought I'd own anything pink. The camera that took these pics was pink! I wouldn't have been caught dead wearing a dress when I was a kid. But then, they didn't make dresses like these back in the "old days". It's hard to believe we didn't have jeans either. Or cotton t-shirts. And we had to program our own computer games. And I think there were only two real TV channels. My son doesn't believe any of this. But, MAN, it makes me feel OLD! Oh, and Barbie Dream Furniture came in BLUE!! Can anyone else remember a time before "Barbie =Pink"?

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  1. Honey, when you were this age, computers were the size of the room, and even you couldn't program one! I don't remember you doing any programming until you were the age of her older brother, and computers were desk sized and ran off a tape drive. We're even more ancient than you think! ;-)


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