Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Good Thing That Happened, Part Two

Oops, fell behind again. These Anxiety-Depression Attacks are kind of like a neurotypical person getting the flu. They knock me out and leave me so exhausted and then feeling like I have to run to catch up!

So I told you about the puppy I'll be getting in April, the second thing that happened was this great show I was a part of at Two Villages Art Society in Contoocook, NH!

I was very excited to be part of an exhibit with so many inspiring artists. The opening reception was very crowded and I'm so proud of myself for even entering the building never mind TALKING to people. My friend, Laurie Strysko, AKA my Paparazzi - got lots of great photos (evidence?) including me talking to live people! I got to chat with Kathleen and Dave Dustin, just days before she flew off to the other side of the World. She is the Queen of polymer clay and is working with women artisans in India - if you're on Facebook, check out her posts - so many adventures.

There's a shot of Ty Meier, behind the desk, he's the Secret Organizer of the Crimson Sparrows -and he has his own mind-blowing show on exhibit right now.

And both of my kids were here for the opening too - Alex came up from Boston just to see it... actually he came up to play D&D with his sister and her friend, but let me pretend... great shot of them (crammed) in my "Introvert's Gallery". It got crazy crowded when the music started and I got squeeeeeezed out and fled home. Yeah. I was social... then I needed a few days to recharge.

Now that the show is over, I have a big pile of matted prints and a long todo list of what I should do with them! I'm working on it...

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