Wednesday, January 18, 2023

It's Been a Minute... or a Few Years...

 I'm working on doing a new overhaul - of everything... website, online store, my life - it's all in there. I'd put this blog on hold while I was in school, then again a few years ago while trying out Patreon. I'm not sure that's my place, so I'm returning here, to the Belfry. 

It's really dusty in here, and I need to do what I do - moving everything around a few times, reorganize all the drawers, and pull out some old projects to resurrect. And of course, I need to find all of You again, my Tribe, and a way to share info with you all. I feel really Hopeful though - I have hired two ladies to do a "deep clean" of my business and my brand and help get me moving again.

I could say that the past few years have been tough and all the other stuff everyone is saying about the Covid Years, but, honestly, all years are tough for me, plus - there were a lot of surprise benefits that came from the World experiencing Anxiety and enforced Introversion. Technology that has made groups, conferences, classes, and doctor visits accessible from home has been, literally, a lifesaver. The business I'd worked so hard to build - was no longer possible - and maybe I didn't really want to be doing that anyway.

Going forward - I do not want to teach live or online. I do not want to be in situations involving crowds. I do not want to do freelance illustration. I do not want to mask just so that other people don't feel uncomfortable around me.

I DO want to create more art, paintings and comics. I DO want to learn how to be myself and find friends and customers who like me with my quirks and glitches. I DO want to produce more card packs and comics about mental health, being Neurodivergent, medical issues, and the Inner Demons. I have so many cool project ideas! I DO want to be helpful and share my experiences and knowledge. And I DO want to learn to take better care of myself, be kinder, calmer, and focused on what matters to me. So this is the direction I am heading starting this year:

Unmask, be myself, do things differently, embrace my Inner Demons, draw and paint a lot.

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