Saturday, June 1, 2019

Sketching... Beyond the Statehouse - Arts Advocacy

I was asked to sketch-note at a really interesting summit yesterday at the NH Historical Society in Concord. It was sponsored by Arts4NH. This was a whole new realm for me - so many organizations and projects I'd never heard of!

I'll put small versions of all the notes here, so you can see what you missed. ;-)

 If you'd like full-sized ones that you can print out, join my Patreon group HERE.

They packed a lot into four hours and sketching it was very intense. I was so exhausted! I drove home - wanting to crawl into bed with a movie and chocolate and Minou - but drank my lunch-dinner, and ran off to the Middle School to watch my kid in "Willy Wonka Jr." It was very good... but by the time it ended and I got my hyped up-singing-dancing-kid into bed... I just wanted to crawl into bed. And then... I started scanning all these pages and cleaning them up... by 3:30am... I just wanted to crawl!

I think... I overdid it. Today I just hid and drew a toy.


  1. Your sketch-notes are incredible. I don't know how you have the stamina!
    I taught Elementary art for 26 years, retired for 5. It saddens me that we still have to fight/defend the arts in education. Your notes could have been from meetings and conferences I attended 30 years ago.


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