Sunday, January 27, 2019

More stuff I'm working on...

I was very productive this past month, not only did I complete three rounds of antibiotics for ear infection, sinus infection, AND STREP! - I also decided to turn the front end of my house into an apartment, and scheduled a hysterectomy (more on that in the next post).

We'll skip the details for the holiday illnesses, although, not leaving the house for 4 weeks may have contributed to my productivity?

First up - I enjoyed doing the daily Inktober drawings (in October) and was horrified that I stopped drawing again on November 1st!? So I set myself a Challenge for 2019 --- I would draw one of my Toys every day for the entire year!

Yowza! My goal is to draw 5 out of 7 days, I'm not completely insane after all. There are times when I just can't get to it. I'm posting the drawings on Instagram, so if you'd like to see all the pics I've done so far, they are HERE.

I've also been working on either a HUGE coloring book, or a series of smaller coloring books - with my daughter, Lilah. It's a lot of work scanning and cleaning up the art. But I love to color and her images are a blast to mess with. Here are a few that I colored:

The apartment idea has taken over my life and my house - there's mess everywhere - and I've spent many nights carrying boxes of books or staining walls - until 3am!

In order to free up the front of the house, I have to empty those rooms and the attic. So I'm converting my Library (aka the Dining Room) into a bedroom for my kid and a Library hallway. This is what the room looked like when I started cleaning it out...

 The books are stacked in the laundry room, in piles in the Living Room, on the stairs to the Studio...

 And the other two walls of the Library had my Lego City! It sat on the kitchen table for days.

Where in the WORLD was I going to find space for that!!??

Hmmm... the town would look really cool on the shelf in the kitchen!!

And there is still room for the Diner (which I have not built yet.) All the Harry Potter, Medieval Village, and Monster Legos went up in the Studio treehouse.

Then the real mess started...

The ugly chimney was boxed in.

Those pink walls were the first thing I painted when I bought the house, like 25 years ago! It was nice to paint over them, but took quite a few coats. And the walls are ancient plaster and lathe, so really lumpy. The ceilings are awful, cracked and stained too - they'll be covered by tin-like ceiling tiles next week.

So much brighter!!!  The bedroom will be rather tiny, to the right of the chimney box. To the left, is the new Library hall that goes to the laundry room/bathroom and the front of the house (new apartment). The wall is "temporary" so it could be removed by future owners who have a use for a dining room.

We jump ahead a few days and the bead-board wall is built ( stayed up til 3am staining the durned thing) and the door track is installed. The door is a sliding "barn" door, but I found more modern hardware for it. I'm painting the door with chalkboard paint (both sides) which makes my 12 year old very happy! I'm guessing the outer side will read something like "Go Away So I can Read!"

We moved all the bookcases into place in the new hallway today. Tomorrow I'll finish painting the door. Then the electrician has to fix the light. Then the ceiling panels. Then we move the kid's STUFF down from her room... and I figure out where to put all the rest of the stuff from all over the house....AAAAAAHHHHHHH!

All before February 6th. Which is when I go in for surgery. I'll tell you about that, my Idea, and the next Kickstarter in the next blog post.

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  1. You continue to amaze. You gave birth to an artist. I love her drawings.


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