Sunday, September 16, 2018

Queen Bee!

This was easily one of the most fun Birthdays I've ever had.

Birthdays are a huge deal to me - I like to celebrate that I am still here.

We had planned to take a trip down South this week - but the Hurricanes - "Florence", out in the real world, and "Sandy", inside my head - made us reconsider.

After a few days of puttering, and recharging, I started to feel a little better and got this crazy thought, "I want a party!"

My Guy said, "Sure! A party - I'll get food."

My Mom said, "A party for whom?"

Me me me ME!

Today started with a giant note on my door and a Birthday [pan]Cake with kisses. yum yum.

I got to do anything I wanted all day! (That's never happened before).  So I had a really long walk which included an adventure into a forest on the far side of the river, and lots of mysterious comings and goings in my house.

Lots of food, including a chocolate fountain...
Many hours later, when the House Elves were cleaning up, I heard Laurie ask Bill, as she struggled to clean the cursed fountain,
"I wonder if people actually use these things more than once?"

I'm not telling what I wished for. ;-)

I got folks to write and draw in my "Holiday Book". This is a tradition I started just before my daughter was born and it's kind of amazing to look back and remember events, and non-events.

Caden served as Art Director for Debbee - who documented the event:

 Pretty accurate...

And finally... here are some of the Photo Opp pics (thanks Laurie for the background!). There were Mimosas involved (thanks Christine!)

I know I don't always write about the Good Stuff that happens. This was Good Stuff. And I want to thank everyone who sent me Happy Birthday Wishes on Facebook and elsewhere! Thank you for making it such a lovely day - a little bit of calm and happiness in the crazy-storm that keeps raging around here.

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  1. Looks like you had a great birthday and another one to remember! So happy for you!!!


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