Saturday, July 7, 2018

Illustrator Saturday!

I am SO excited to be the featured artist on Kathy Teaman's WRITING and ILLUSTRATING blog for Illustrator Saturday!

 Click HERE to read the full post and see the images!

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And here is just a little preview:

How long have you been illustrating?
More than 30 years.
What and when was the first painting or illustration that you did where someone paid you for your artwork?
I think it was in High School… I did comics for a local newspaper. I also painted the windows at our comic book store!
Did you go to college to study art?
No. And Yes. I went to summer programs at art schools when I was in High School – but I was expected to go to a “real” college. I went to Brown University to study Egyptology. I left after a while and went to the School of Visual Arts (NYC), then to the Rhode Island School of Design.
How do you find illustration work?
I trip over it. Seriously. It never comes from where I expect… marketing? Nope. Someone sees my work in the science museum while shopping with their kid…
What is a Certified Zentangle Teacher? How did you get certified?
Zentangle® is a meditative drawing process. It’s blasphemy to describe it this way, but it’s “focused doodling”. I was one of the original guinea pigs in the certification program – class #1!
And I wrote the first books on the subject. It changed my life – it’s kind of “trendy” now – but it’s true magic is that it teaches “creative confidence”.
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  1. Kathy picks the most fabulous illustrators to feature! I love this profile.

  2. Hello Sandy...way back in 2009 I was in the #2 Zentangle class in MA. I have wandered around doing all sorts of artsy things. I will now be teaching Zentangle to fellow breast cancer survivors. A whole new chapter is beginning for me. So, where can I purchase tiles at a good price? Oh yes, I've been following you for all these years and appreciate and admire you. YEAH US


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