Friday, June 15, 2018

The Middlebury Diary

The drive up to Middlebury has been a literal roller coaster of emotions and hills and hairpin turns and combine harvesters and overpacked bicycles on steep roads with NO shoulder. Exhausting. Plus I got lost. Twice.

I start to fall asleep at the wheel after about 35 minutes... so I finally stopped at the Sharon rest stop (way more than 35 minutes!) it’s a gorgeous place with a stuffed bobcat, a war memorial and a hydroponic greenhouse exhibit. I’m sitting in the sun, on the hill, looking out at the mountains... and it smacks me in the head, “no one knows where I am right now. And does anyone care?”

One minute I’m thinking how it’s nice to be on my own and not have to worry about someone else’s opinions and moods, and the next I’m feeling desperately lonely since I’m driving through an adorable village and I’m too chicken to stop and explore on my own.

I try to reassure myself that if I hadn’t driven half an hour in the wrong direction... I wouldn’t have seen that gorgeous village where almost EVERY house had a huge round tower on it! (I’m obsessed with towers)

When I was finally sure I was going in the right direction, I rewarded myself with an ice cream (it was actually kiddie sized, so don’t freak out, mom!) while staring at a sign that read “Sandy’s Books and Bakery”, and considering how my life would be different if that were my sign. Then it occurs to me, how many times in the past few days, I’ve asked The Universe/god to “send me a sign!”

Now, I am desperately lonely again.

Blog post, part 2
I had a little trouble finding my motel... in the few hours I’ve been here... the sign has changed three times!! I kid you not!

Blog post, part 3
So. I’m staying in a VERY odd little motel! I think they may be assembling it as I type.

It’s very noisy... between the busy road into Middlebury and the saws building something... I saw a big pile of lumber out there.... and the whole place is candy themed! My room is the Reeses PB cup room.

They must have had a grand time eating all those PB cups to decoupage the lamps! I am SO craving chocolate...

If the Fireman were here, he’d slam the door and find a fancy Inn. This place does NOT smell like dirty socks (Super 8 in WRJ!).
It’s tiny, but clean.

If Lilah were here... she’d say, “let’s get some Reese’s PB cups, and lie around reading The Fog Diver (by Joel Ross)!” Ok, kiddo, you have great advice!

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  1. Sandy - when you feel lonely, look up and remember me and the other people who are anxiously awaiting your posts... you have such a unique view of the world... just like JM Barrie wrote about Pan “The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.” You can fly alone ... do it...


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