Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What if I were...?

Well - I MIGHT be... definitely the "muffin-top" looks familiar...

I've been bringing furniture, storage stuff and lots of books and art supplies... one carload at a time... up to the new studio. The BeeHive looks like a real studio now, but it still needs murals and I've been missing the quotes from the previous space.

Today I cleaned and organized and got my first quote up on the chalkboard! Hurray!
I hope to invite some folks over to help me tangle the walls! If you'd like to be part of the Art Tribe, I'll let you know really soon how that will work. Still trying to decide if I should do a Kickstarter - I've just been so busy with Science comics I haven't had a chance to think it through. It's getting there though...

Oh! And that good looking... guy... creature... Boodle... is a paper-mache creation from a picture book I wrote and illustrated as my Senior AP Art project in High School! OMG. His name is Benji Boodle and I'd been meaning to redo his book for, ummm, a very long time. Turns out that at some point I actually started reworking it, but I have NO memory of doing it. Must have been when I was pregnant with Lilah.

My Mom had kept Benji through all her moves and he recently moved back home when Mom moved off to Bar Harbor a few weeks ago.

Welcome back, Benji! He is also, officially, the second Artist-in-residence at The BeeHive.


  1. I know you are super busy but when you can you will have to get on reworking that book for your Mom if nothing else! My daughter has a story I have been trying to push her to do the same with for years now! She is doing pretty much the same as you right getting the new studio set up. Of course she is still finding her direction since graduation and settling into adult life. She is honestly a bit ahead of where we thought she would be since she skipped the step of moving home. That surprised Mom but honestly made more sense. Think Papa Bear still hasn't adjusted yet. She started with a few lines of a story and I honestly thought it was from a book because she would repeat them so often but I started asking what book is that because I wanted the rest of the story. It's my book was the answer I got. I was kind of floored. I knew she was good at stories but this was polished and made a person think of somebody who had years of time writing and she was just learning her alphabet. I bet your Mom wants you to rework yours as much as I want hers!!!! I know what you mean about the cupcakes and muffintops!!!

  2. C-ause

    ... at least not until they develop a taste for it... :-) LOVE IT! (XO)


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