Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Hello Universe. It's Me, Sandy...

A really nice studio space suddenly became available on the second floor at Concord Community Arts Center!

The room is about 850-square feet - It's big and bright - lots of windows, and painted white. (I can fix that though...)

It's about a gazillion times bigger than my current studio...

Which means I could have more than three friends in there...

...and we could even sit down!

This Possibility just happened on Friday... I joked to Laurie that I needed a "sign from the Universe"... since I obviously don't have that kind of money... I said:
"If the Universe thinks I should do this, there will be a check 
   in my mailbox by the end of this weekend." 

I thought - maybe I'll get the payment for some of the science kits from Montshire!
No check on Friday. 

No check on Saturday.


So I tried NOT thinking (obsessing) about it.

On Sunday, I got up the courage to go to White River Junction (VT) for a Cornerstone Creative Community (3CVT) Mash-up and met some very cool people. Matt Bucy (Tip Top Bldg. and American Legion bldg.) and Eric Bunge from the Northern Stage and a lady who runs a maker space... Very exciting. I was exhausted AND hyper and desperate to be a part of this sort of thing too! I want an art community! A Collaborative Creative Space!!!

At the end of the Mash Up, I went up to these really cool graphic facilitation diagram-sketch-things on the wall...

I took out my phone to take photos of them - and I saw a text from the CCS student who is now living in my former apartment. She said some of my mail had been delivered there and where should she send it? 

I texted back - "I'm HERE in WRJ right now - I'll come get it!"

Guess what it was? 

A check from Montshire!!!!? 

Let this be a lesson to trust in the Universe, but be as specific as possible...

I should have said,
"If the Universe thinks I should do this, there will be a check 
   in my CURRENT mailbox by the end of this weekend." 

So the Universe delivered the money to my mail box before the end of the weekend! And I now have a lease for this crazy-amazing STUDIO! And I have begun my OCD (CDO!) process with floor plans and I made a visual catalog of all the displays I could take from the Wingdoodle building and my home and home studio...

Yes, I measured (and colored) them all.

I'll let you know what transpires. I have to go tomorrow and move everything out of my tiny studio and uuuuuuuuppppp to the second floor... doesn't seem like much is in there, until I have to move it!

If you have been thinking how you'd LOVE to be part of a vibrant, creative, collaborative studio space filled with lots of art toys and workspace... I am looking for about 8 fun, positive artists/crafters/ Zentanglers... to share this space with me! I might do a Kickstarter, but if this sounds like you - let me know you're interested.

And here is some artsy inspiration from the walls at my daughter's elementary school. It made me want to MAKE STUFF! Enjoy.


  1. Oh my gosh, Sandy! I love this story. Congratulations on your new space. I just wish I could share in this space. I know you will make it magical!!

  2. Ooooooooh D-A-G-N-A-B-I-T! Why couldn't you're location be in Los Angeles? We'd ROCK to the moon and back sharing a space together... And, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how the Universe responded to you so whimsically with your request. She always does have our back... :-)

  3. Congrats! Things happen for a reason, don't they! Enjoy the new much creativity will happen there!!!

  4. Love your new digs!!!!! So much more enLIGHTening! ConGrats!

  5. Hello wow I was sooooo happy to see a email from you my name is Christina and this is the first time I have commented. I just want to say thank you for sharing such positive news and I love the artwork from your dad daughters school :) I needed a good smile :) Also just to share a little I am 6 months away from the back g 50 and am still in the process of finding myself and just figuring out where I am meant to be in this universe :) I am really focusing on my creative self and realizing that my life is not meant to go on without some kind of proj in front of me wether it is coloring or seriously building my inventory of jewelry I want to create and actually get it out in the world so that I can start accomplishing the goals I have to better my life and those who surround me. Well once again thank you for sharing your great news it helps people like me who are out here wanting to come in and join again :)

  6. I'm a huge believer in God. I think it was God sending you a message--you were looking in the wrong place. Love you.


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