Monday, July 18, 2016

It's a Go on Indiegogo

The Kickstarter was a success - fully funded! Indiegogo, a similar crowd-funding site, asked if I'd be willing to try out their new InDemand program. It picks up where the Kickstarter program left off.

So I have 30 more days to raise the rest of the money that I need for school! And YOU have 30 more days to back my project (if you missed it the first time) or get another Reward. ;-)

I added the Glyphs & Glitches Comic blog to the rewards as well as the new Fright Before Christmas comic book. I'm working on the Inspiration Sketchbook - Comic Boot Camp book this summer. That one will go to the upper Reward-Backers this fall.

I also just completed We Will Never Leave You - a comic interview with my inner demons. I hope to have print copies of that available by the end of the summer too. If I can get those worked out - I can test out a cool feature of Indiegogo... Secret Rewards! I'll be able to send you a special code that unlocks a Reward only you can choose.

OK - back to work!

Oh - I hope you will continue to help me spread the word about the blog project!

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