Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break!

If you are in school, and you get Spring Break, you are supposed to head to the beach, right?

I went to the Maine coast! I spent a few days hanging out at my sister's house in Bar Harbor. She's renovating a house nearby to rent as apartments in the summer. She's ripping out floors and painting...

I avoided helping, hung out in her lovely family room...

... and local cafes...

... drawing comics for school!
I wandered around town (mostly boarded up) looking at the beautiful houses.

Then I headed down to Ogunquit, just in time for St. Patrick's Day.

Leprechaun traps?
 I was in desperation mode, having missed my fall ocean-fix this year (I started school!) and just standing there, looking at the waves went a long way to heal my brain.

And sitting by the fire pit drinking Salted-Caramel Bailey's with Vanilla Absolut vodka... (mmmmm!)

 My friend Debbee was able to join me for a day and the OgunquitTangle Zentangle retreat was also going on at the hotel, so I never got the chance to get lonely.

When we checked out, Debbee wrote this great entry in the room's journal:


Then we roamed around town - the chocolate shop...

And the Art Galleries...

Abacus is one of my favorites! I REALLLLLLY want this amazing cabinet. And I want to design and build a house to go with it!

I had such a wonderful vacation.
I hadn't realized how badly I needed it - as if the extreme depression I'd been experiencing wasn't a clue, right? I'd have to say that the instinct to "run away" is not something to be ignored.


  1. So happy you had a good vacation, you needed a break!

  2. Glad to hear from you, have been thinking of you and wishing you would hurry up and finish your schooling! Really miss your posts. But so glad you have the opportunity to go to such a wonderful place to relax and enjoy. Blessings to you.

    1. Ah - you need to follow my blog where I write about school:
      Then you won't miss me! ;-)

  3. There is nothing like being by the sea to heal your spirit, Sandy. It's good that you took time for yourself. I think I may need some of that magic ocean air too - thanks for the reminder : )

  4. Wow, posting this comment a bit late...

    Well, it's awesome that you were able to get a wonderful vacation! I love all the pictures that you had with this!


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