Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lego and comics...

The kids helped me bring a mini-van load of boxes and important stuff - like my drafting table and a bunch of pancake pillows... to my new apartment near the cartoon school. Then they gave me their opinions on what furniture I should have moved - or not.

Lilah and I are still struggling over just which Legos we should bring... we have agreed that we should stick to a series - like Main Street, or Fairies. I think we will bring the Harry Potter sets since they were destroyed by a cat and need an excuse to be rebuilt. And there is a little desk that was left behind in the apartment that is just screaming for paint - and faux finish - to look like old stones...

Hogwarts will be resurrected on this desk!
And, as if we needed some kind of sign that this was the the right apartment, town, and school for me to be attending... look what we saw in the school's front window!!!

My new school... built out of Legos!!! Now I'm wondering if I should bring my whole Main Street set up... but then I might be tempted to "acquire" this building for the collection. Hmmm.... 
Here are two closer-up pics (I know you want to see!)

And the FLAG! How cool is that?

Back to the apartment... of course, I made a sketch of the floor plan and I have another of all the possible furniture that could go in there.

It has beautiful woodwork, except on the apartment doors to the hall. 

They had to be backed with fireproofing or something and are really ugly. I got permission to turn them into chalkboards! (I always create large chalkboards in my habitats).

I'm hoping that, if I tell you all this, I will HAVE to follow through and paint stuff, just to prove to you that I did it. 

My Kickstarter Blog Project is intended to work that way too. Accountability. I need accountability!

Then, back home... I felt inspired to pack up comic books to bring to school. We actually have a required reading list and I was searching around the house for my TinTin comics. Couldn't find them!? So I cracked open the 7 comic book boxes I had found in my mom's attic. Oh! Pandora had NOTHING on me!

Yes, I found the TinTins. And X-Men, New Mutants, She-Hulk, a gazillion Batman...

...some original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comics (from back when they were considered to be an underground parody comic!)

... Books of Magic, Sandman, Vampire Lestat... Lilah fell in love with the "What's Michael?" cat comics...

I think I have gotten a little distracted!
And the movers come on Wednesday. Eeek!

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  1. This is incredibly exciting and scary! Best of luck and remember to have fun!


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