Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy Fireworks Day!

Fireworks City - © Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Sitting in the dark, on the deck, watching the sparkly sky - in between the tree branches... very pretty. It's cool the way the lightning bugs looked like they were falling off the fireworks. But I don't think I will ever really enjoy the sounds of the explosions - especially as they ricochet off the mountains. Too creepy.

If I looked West, I could see the best colors from the fireworks one town over. If I looked South, I could see flashes of light and hear more of the sizzling kind of rockets.

There are still pops and bangs echoing around - some from even farther away, some from neighbor's driveways. The raucous party sounds have died down finally.

Although I am happy to celebrate my own Independence, I miss my kids and think of the 4th as a lonely holiday. With pretty lights.


  1. Sandy - I, too, am savoring my independence, it's more mental/emotional than actual, but it is something I've been working to achieve for many years. I understand your melancholy - one of my kids lives in Korea and I miss him tremendously, my other one has had a run of terrible luck over the last 4 years, and I miss the life she had, and the carefree person she was.
    Excitingly, with my independence has come a need to create, Zentangle and Gelli plates are my go-to's; what an amazing freedom they bring!
    Like you, I am trying to de-clutter my life (that's why I haven't been up to see your trove!), being able to rid myself of things I had previously viewed as vital to my existence has also lifted a weight - it's a slow process but it is progressing.
    I am so happy for you that you are going to Cartooning School - exciting and scary!
    Even though you aren't with your two kids all the time, there is a bond that will remain unbroken even though they are flying by themselves.
    I send you hugs and friendship - keep us posted, your journey is a source of inspiration to me, and I bet many others who have learned that it is possible to achieve our own miracles!

    1. Jakki can you send access to your blog to me?
      I am a Zentangle, Gelli plate crazy person too.

    2. Hugs back at ya. And btw - if you need Gelli plates... I have tons in my studio clean out sale! :-)

    3. Ginny, I don't have a blog - I have so many other things to do! I already spend too much time down the rabbit hole of blogs, Facebook groups etc. Sometimes I feel like I am being crushed under the weight of my expectation to be as good as my "heroes." One of my mates, Kass Hall, actually pulled the plug on Facebook; she was brave to do that and I am thinking I can either keep going, never finding an end to the examples of people I think are better than me, or I can just stop going there and focus on being the best me I can be each time I put pen to paper or paint to plate!
      Sandy, I think I have all the Gelli Plates now - I indulged with some very generous birthday money Mum gave me. Wish I'd thought to ask you!

  2. I totally understand about "lonely holidays" and you sure are not alone on this feeling. Although I had a lot of family around me this fourth…I always feel that way on New Year's eve. I think that is the most lonely holiday ever invented. I am enthralled with your art work for the holiday, Sandy. It's gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yep. New Year's is definitely one of those... I don't know if it's an "introvert thing" perhaps? But these holidays where you are supposed to go out, party or be surrounded by tons of people - just not that much fun. When I have my kids for a major holiday, we have a great time. It's usually really low-key involving pancakes, movies, and lots of time just laying around. ;-D


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