Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Birthday Week Starts

It technically started on Sunday... The kids came with me and my mom to church... then we went to see the movie "The 100 Foot Journey" which made us really hungry... So we went for sushi... Where Lilah told them it was my birthday... And they brought me ice cream with a candle in it while singing and banging on a gong... And then we returned home and crashed on the couch... Exhausted, but happy. 

Birthday Day Two was the Real Birthday. But I spent most of it driving in stressful traffic (past Boston) to Falmouth on the Cape. After falling asleep at the hotel, I woke to a grumbling tummy and dragged myself all the way across the street to The Raw Bar for dinner. 

Birthday Dinner: huge... HUGE... Lobstah Salad, Clam Chowdah, and Skinny PiƱa Colada. Oh-yum. 

The view. 

Later, I decided I really needed a cupcake to make it a real birthday. So I dragged myself back into the car and headed to Starbucks where I found a pumpkin cream cheese pistachio muffin! Good enough!

Jacque had posted this quote on Facebook and it seemed perfect, so I borrowed it. (Thanks Jacque!)

It's so appropriate too since I'm off on this retreat. 

And then I altered the Starbucks bag...


  1. The view looks beautiful! Hope you are enjoying your retreat and getting lots of stuff done! :) The Starbucks lady looks much nicer now that you've fixed her up. ;)
    ~ Jacque ~

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful week. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures! Oh, and thanks for reminding me to try to stay away from the electonics :)

  3. Happy belated Birthday. From Rima and Sonja in Suncook, NH

  4. Sandy, you *must* gift yourself with a "selfie stick." These are so awesome! They allow you to put yourself in a picture from way more than an arm's length. I posted some info on it on my Facebook page:


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