Saturday, June 7, 2014

May Journal Pages

May went really quickly - and yet - I couldn't remember the earlier journal pages. Here's what I have been working on for Journal52...

Week 17 - Refresh

I was actually ON my runaway-and-recover-and-recharge trip to Maine at this time, so it wasn't too hard to create a "Refresh" page. Unfortunately, the hot, crispy little calamari cooled off quite a bit while I did the drawing. But it was worth it. The hot tub idea just cracked me up.

I used ballpoint pen to draw the sketch in my Moleskine journal and watercolors for the yellows and reds. I transferred the whole image to my Journal52 journal using Sheer Heaven and then stuck washi tape around the edges.

Calamari Hot Tub - © Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 18 - Creative Hands

I wrote about this one, when I finished it, on Mother's Day. This post has the words to the song too.
Photocopies of Lilah's and my hands with Brown Micron pen Zentangles.

Creative Hands - © Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 19 - Photography

Lilah, my mom and I went to BrickFest in Manchester, NH - it was AHHH-MAY-ZING! And this enormous balloon mini-figure...ummm..."maxi-figure"?.... was outside the convention center. I Photoshopped out all the anchor lines and added the text.

Week 20 - Book Inspired

Lilah and I are reading through the Harry Potter series. Probably my fifth or sixth read. I've lost count. I photocopied the pages from the first book where Harry frees the snake at the zoo. I cut apart the text so it looks like the glass of the cage shattering and Lilah drew harry and the snake. The snake is saying "Thanks" with a snake-y lisp ("Santse"). Harry is saying "any time" with a British accent ("Enny time"). It's colored with colored pencils and markers.

Harry Inspired - © Sandy Steen Bartholomew

Week 21 - Making a Mandala

For this one, I avoided making a Zentangle mandala...just because I wanted to really push myself. I used a technique that Marie Browning showed us at TangleU. I drew the patterns and my Bumblebat with a black ballpoint (my favorite tool), pushing hard into the paper. Then I used colored pencils to color over the impressed lines. I didn't realize until I had finished that I had divided the background between rigid grids and freeform geometry. Interesting that it's not perfectly balanced.
Free-form rules!

Bumblebat Mandala - © Sandy Steen Bartholomew


  1. Great stuff! I love to see your pages as I am doing Journal52 as well. You are such a wonderful illustrator. :D

  2. Stunning! Particularly stunning are the "Creative Hands."

  3. hahaha! i love your bumblebat mandala, sandy! it's the best!!!! hahaha!

  4. Everything looks great! I especially love the Bumblebat Mandella, the geometric background is amazingly beautiful!

  5. I love your Harry Potter page!! And your mandala is wonderful!! Your 'Creative Hands' are amazing!! You are such an amazing artist!! :)


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