Wednesday, March 26, 2014


It's not fair to exclude the other Zentangle Addicts from having a trading card, so I created an adapted version for non-CZTs who love to tangle and attend Meet-ups, retreats, and classes.

This one has "ZTA" instead of "CZT" over the photo on the front. ZTA stands for "Zentangle Addict" but it could also be "Zentangle Artist"... On the back, I removed the spot for the CZT training session number and the logo field.

Everything else is the same, so you can follow along with the instructions in the previous blog post, CZT ATC, OMG.

And click HERE to go to the ZTA template on


  1. Awesome work, Sandy! We're so lucky to have you in the Zentangle community!

  2. I'll be a CZT come June (2nd session) so then I may be back so I can take these along with me. Until then I am doing a little take-off on this card just business card size for the Retreat to Paradise in Melbourne, FL next week. The idea of having a photo on your sharing card is a GREAT idea.

    1. Ginny - THIS card would be perfect for Retreat to Paradise. :-)

    2. Mine will arrive the morning I leave for Retreat to Paradise. UPs holding them for my husband to pick up before the drive.

      You know last year Jo-Ellen surveyed us and asked who we most wanted to see teach this year. You'll never guess whose name I wrote. :-)

      Next year in Melbourne!

    3. Oh, yes? Who would that be?

      Melbourne sounds good!

  3. Nice touch Sandy to include our addicts/groupies.

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