Monday, October 14, 2013

Irresponsible, procrastination... Ah, Bliss!

What I did today...
Slept obscenely late, in a big fluffy bed. 
Did not shower. 
Did not check emails. 
I DID get dressed. 
Went outside.  
Soaked in the sunshine and the architecture and the noise. 
Walked over to the big-ass Mall.
Walked every single floor of the mall. 

Visited Papyrus, Crate and Barrel, and lots of other shops I don't have in NH and slurped up the ideas and colors. 

Finally ate breakfast at 1:30pm. 

People watched. 
Saw GRAVITY at the iMax theater... In 3-D! ... OMG! (Really puts my own "bad day"s into perspective). (Thanks Dad for recommending it).
It made me miss my daughter. 
Took sushi back for dinner. 
Watched 13 GOING ON 30 on my laptop. 
Now, I need to start on my homework. 
But I have had a lovely day!


  1. hahahahaha! sounds like a wonderful day!

  2. Ah, I forget what its like to not be around a big ass mall! The most amazing art assemblages can be found in Anthropologie shops. Make a point of ducking inside everyone you see, then take notes on the decorations. All are great, but some are truly amazing.

  3. Everyone needs one of those every once in a while

  4. Sounds like a soul refreshing day!

  5. Sounds like a wonderful day!! Missed you at Warner FFF, Pete


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