Thursday, March 14, 2013

Right Brain Biz Plan, the prequel

I have been sitting here in The BeeHive putting together 60 "kits" for the workshop I am teaching at TangleU next week. And making notes. And staring at the wall thinking.

I don't think I will include that last part in my actual class even though it is a vital part of the process. (The staring part.) One learns a lot about oneself just by assembling a Right Brain Business Plan, but I realized that I have learned even MORE about myself by trying to think of how to TEACH it to others!

I am a licensed facilitator, so it should be easy... Just follow the instructions in the manual, right? But one thing I have learned through this RBBP process, is that I actually hate teaching. Yes, you heard that right. I hate teaching. And secondly, I can't stand in front of a huge group of people and teach something that is based on someone else's experiences, values or philosophy.

But I CAN talk to a group of people about my OWN ideas and experiences. I am still very introverted and the effort takes an enormous toll on me emotionally and energetically - but I really enjoy connecting with people, finding common ground, and discovering how what I have learned can help them in some way. And best of all, helping them "make it their own."

Customizing Creativity!

In preparing for this upcoming workshop, I have been examining my RBBP that I created over a year ago. Some things haven't changed - my Big Vision, Values, and Passions. But just about everything else needs some serious updating and clarification!

I'm going to try to start a new plan from scratch and see what happens. I'll be working on it tomorrow in my studio and invite anyone to come work along with me, on your own plan. So, the challenge, or business meeting, if you prefer - will be here at The BeeHive, Friday, March 15th between 3 and 9pm. You don't have to come for the whole time, and it is usually calmer after 5:30 when the kids are gone. I think I'll get the kids to make collages too.... Hmmmm.....

If you'd like to play, I have a few extra accordion book kits, or you could bring an altered book or journal to work in, or do a big vision board on fome board or cardboard. Bring some magazines to cut up, glue sticks, colorful envelopes, tape, washi tape, index cards.... Snacks! ( we always seem to forget to plan for dinner!).

Oh! And this is a fun project even if you aren't running your own biz. A Big Vision is useful even if you are retired or a stay at home mom. Everyone needs a purpose. ;-)


  1. Your workshop sounds AMAZING, and wish I could take it sometime. Blessings!

  2. It takes a LOT of skilll to "think for one's self," which many people discover when they lose their job or are laid off. Although we are all creative, having our daily tasks lead by employers as well as family and friends takes the pressure off of us to think up our own stuff to do.

    I've always liked the technique of answering the question "if everything were perfect. . ." I'd do or have [something specific]. It is amazing how many people cannot answer that question, and if the question can't be answered, creative solutions become few and far between (i.e., nothing to solve).

    Your book building idea is super!

    1. The real trick is figuring out what you want to be doing, even if everything ISN'T perfect. ;-)

  3. We'll be there... at least for a little bit. ;) And I'll bring magazines and stuff. :)

  4. Oh - I was just watching the summit videos last week and i won the levenger notebook! I was thinking about learning more about the RBBIZ to grow my CZT business too.

  5. Oh my goodness - I think I am discovering the same things about myself. I HATE the business part of being a CZT. I hate charging people money, I worry that what I am giving them is not good enough, that the cost is too high, that they didn't learn enough in my class. ACK! I will be at Tangle U and I am excited to hear your insights.

    1. Yes - that's really hard! The weirdest thing was realizing that people were actually WILLING to pay me for classes.

  6. Oh Sandy I think I have discovered the same thing. I teach and just completed a cloth doll costuming class. The primary purpose is to show various techniques, giving tips and then showing how to use these as the students create their doll's garment. Teaching creativity from the individual thought process is challenging. I will be taking your class at Tangle U and am anxious to learn anything to help me. The magazine supply request is puzzling to me but I'll bring some. See you this weekend!
    Deborah Williams

    1. The magazines are for collaging. Don't stress about that... but who am I to talk - I'm stressing about everything! ;-)


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