Friday, November 2, 2012

Infectious Tangling

Perhaps "addictive" is less intimidating a word? Now that I have internet back again, I need to catch up the blog posts...

First - I had a wonderful visit from Carolyn Boatman and her husband, Ian. Carolyn, who lives in Bermuda, was "infected" with Zentangle by her daughter, who lives in England. (Sounds like the beginning of a logic problem!) She emailed me to ask if they could visit my studio while vacationing in New Hampshire. Of course! I just had to figure out how to keep my daughter out of the way for a few hours... well, that failed completely. She must have some crazy radar that pulls her in... "Oooo guests in MY studio!" Carolyn had mentioned she had some questions she wanted to ask me about Zentangle. I have no idea what they were... Carolyn, if you remember, go ahead and post them in the comments! But I can rest easy knowing that both Carolyn AND Ian have a complete understanding of the intricacies of drawing proper Lilah Beans. And Lilah Beans with five o'clock shadows...

I'm seriously going to get my kids Certified... I'm just afraid Lilah would take over the conference...

Second - this weekend was the 2nd Annual CZT Retreat in Tilton, NH. Ten completely addicted CZTs in one room. This retreat was hosted by Bette Abdu and she did a bang up job pulling it all together.
Bette Abdu - (and Bette's car decals will be for sale soon!)
The retreat was at The Black Swan Inn, an historic gem (with ghosts and secret panels...). Bette hosts Tea and Tangle events at the Inn - the info is on her Facebook page - if you'd like to experience it for yourself.
The proprietress, Cheryl, is rather eccentric...
The Inn is covered with carved panels and textures everywhere. It made my job a breeze on Friday when I had the task of teaching printmaking with Zentangles. Our "warm-up" project was making impressions of textures using foam blocks.

Aha, shoes have patterns too...
I figured we'd spend maybe a half hour on this? Mmhm... did I mention even the door hinges were covered in intricate details? We did foam block textures almost til lunch time!

Prints of textures
Prints of textures on wood, then tangled
I'm not going to tell you what we did AFTER lunch - you have to come to a retreat to find out for yourself. Oh? Yes - just so happens there is a retreat next week! There are a couple of spots still open if you would like a  chance to hang out with a select group of Zentangle fanatics. ;-D

Here are a few more shots...

My new sneakers, tangled up
Pumpkin, the other owner of the Inn. Or, as I nicknamed him... The Great Pumpkin. He was huge! And purred like a lion.
Uh-oh... Pumpkins don't belong in trees. Especially trees with skinny branches.
Pumpkin a la toilet paper tube...
raspberry cheesecake encrusted with white chocolate... mmhm... our meals were prepared by a pastry chef named Paris.


  1. Sounds and looks like a great time was had by all. I'm sure interested in those foam blocks. I'd love to know what they are made from.

  2. Great shots of Pumpkin, Sandy! It was so much fun! I'm chuckling at some of the similiar pictures we took... yes, I DO have a cheesecake shot as well! But not the Pumpkin in a tree... geez that was too scary.

    Sadelle CZT7

    1. I was surprised the whole tree wasn't bending under the weight. ;-) He was such a wonderful cat.

    2. I had a brief urge to lick the computer screen when I saw your photo of the cheesecake!!!! IT WAS THAT GOOD!!!! LOL

      I'm still reliving that weekend.... the calm before the storm!

      MaryAnn CZT 1

    3. I thought you were going to say "lick Pumpkin..."!!! Too fuzzy. How did you survive the storm?

  3. Love the shoes!!!I got hooked on Zentangle and you last winter when I was stuck in bed for months with a back injury.I'm not "artistic" but I love to tangle. I am on day 3 of the six weeks of Zentangle which was finally released!!! I have dared to shade and what a difference. I'd love to come to a retreat but I live in San Francisco but I follow your posts and tangle often.Thank you-your books got me out of self pity and into a zen place.XXOO

  4. Love your postings. I ooh and ahh and it's the highlight of my day or evening. You're classes are on my bucket list. Getting rich is on there too. LOL So in the meantime I'll love your creativity and smile at mine.

    1. "Being" rich is on my list! "Getting" rich doesn't sound as fulfilling... hee hee

  5. Sadelle Wiltshire posted her pics and descriptions of this retreat on her blog:
    She is a bit more thorough than me - but it is funny that we noticed (and photographed) similar things... like the cake!


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