Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The 2nd Annual CZT Retreat

Attention all Certified Zentangle Teachers! Bette Abdu just released the details about the 2nd Annual CZT Retreat - which will be in New Hampshire this year. Yeah! And it will be in the fall - last year's (which was great fun!) was in July and it was so freaking hot - October is much better. :-)

Here is her message, followed by images with the details. If you are interested, be sure to email her to get "real" copies of the info, or to ask any questions. I'll be teaching one of the days, but I intend to "retreat" on the other days. It really is a fun, relaxing way to do a CZT retreat - everyone contributes their knowledge and comes home refreshed AND revved up with ideas.

If you are NOT a Certified Zentangle Teacher this is NOT the retreat for you - come to my retreat in Maine, in November instead. Tee Hee!
Announcing the 2nd Annual CZT Retreat, October 25-28, 2012 in Tilton, NH at the Black Swan Inn  Special guest artist Sandra Steen Bartholomew For details on this event write to


**This event is offered by Bette Abdu, CZT
It is neither sponsored or endorsed by***


  1. Did you notice that kass hall at just released a book called zentangle untangled? Funny how great minds think alike huh? :)

  2. Mmmhmmm. I thought perhaps it was a response to Totally Tangled (Totally UnTangled?) ;-D

  3. This sounds wonderful. I have a question. Are there other blogs or doodle zentanglers out there that would know of a midwest group. Iowa Missouri Illinois zentanglers? I would like to connect with some. I live in a very small town and not many people share my interests. Will be watching for comments. Thanks!!

  4. Hi GG, there are quite a few CZTs in your area. They who have a good idea of any groups out there. Take a look here: and scroll down to the state you are interested in. The CZTs emails are listed there by state. :-)


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