Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Resolution No. 2

New Year's Resolutions already a burden? Yeh, me too. I signed up for an online personal trainer to help me figure out food and exercise. But the grocery list alone is impossible and I don't eat any of the foods on there and I don't have time for all the exercises never mind watching all the videos to see how to perform them... It's a failure and wasted money before I have even started. Sigh.

But wait, there is light in another direction... it is ironic, but I don't do much tangling unless it is for a book or class or some other project I'm working on. So another goal this year is to tangle, daily, just for fun. Just because. And I found the perfect way to do it! Carole Ohl has a new Zentangle daily calendar and it is SOOOOO lovely! Here's the ad that she has on her blog:

This calendar is gorgeous-ly design-y with enough of Carole's own artwork to provide inspiration. Each day has a box (and a number) that can be filled with tangles. [Of course, you could use it as an actual daily planner too.] The paper is smooth and a pleasure to work on, shades well, and doesn't bleed through (at least with the traditional Micron pens). Each day's box is big enough to work in comfortably, but small enough that it doesn't take more than a few minutes to feel successful. And it is very portable. I'm going to concentrate on just doing one type of tangle in each box, but you could make up your own challenges like... perhaps one tangle in the left box, one in the right, and then a combo of the two in the middle? Hmmm... I might try that tomorrow. This is exactly MY kind of exercise! Now all I need is a Zentangle-method of eating right!

This photo was taken 2 days ago. I have actually been keeping up!


  1. YOu know i don't think you need a trainer. Find a way to move everyday. Make it a habit, put it on your 'to do' list. Because its important too. Start with a manageable 15- 20 min and after a few months try to squeeze out another 5 - 10 min. And food??? Well i'll bet deep down you KNOW what to eat and what not to eat....lay off the junk, eat more salads with lo cal dressing, stop snacking at night and i'll be after a while you'll see some changes! Baby steps steps just in the right direction! Hugs! deb

  2. I like what jinxxxygirl said :). Try reading "The Obesity Myth" - great book that focuses more on health vs. weight loss. But if you insist. . .
    tangle a food diary to keep you motivated or make a visual food diary (like draw the foods you ate vs. writing the word . . . am I making sense here?).

    And thanks for the calendar tip - it looks great!

  3. I agree. It was one of those desperation moves. I totally wish I could cancel and get a refund. You are both right. I know EXACTLY what I need to do and to eat. What I actually need is someone cooking for me. :-) But I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of an illustrated food diary!!! I've tried a normal one before and I find no incentive or satisfaction from that. But DRAWING the food might work AND would help with my art everyday resolution!! COOL!!

  4. That calendar is a great idea. Good luck with the health improvement resolutions. I'm doing more yoga to help me and trying to eat less. Why is it so difficult to just eat less? I eat healthy but I have to stop thinking about food all the time! I hope we both succeed! :D

  5. Sandy, thanks for the calendar love!

    As for the food, I think most of us are with you on that! Especially this time of year when there is at least two weeks of eating stuff we probably don't normally eat. Taking it one meal at a time over here:) What you said about the calendar makes me think that each meal could be one little manageable box. Hmmm. Thanks for the inspiration! --Carole

  6. While I'm sure I'll get some eye-rolls from you all..I am actually trying to put weight on. I am 6'-0" tall and after 2 weeks of doing nothing but putting healthy food in my moth, I weigh in at 120LBS. This is a MAJOR accomplishment for me. After having my gall bladder removed and spending the last year having my teeth extracted for a healthier me and a pretty smile (1ST time in 52 years)it has been a real struggle to gain and keep the weight on. Last week I was thrilled as I weighed in at 117#'s, only to find it was all edema in my feet and ankles. Bummer City. Now I am going to make this more interesting with some of your and Carole's idea's. I am going to Zentangle all my favorite foods and add them in weekly for incentive and a better eating plan. This will tie into my Book Of Days Project. Moving forward one step at a time!!!

  7. Hi Sandy. My first comment. I have been reading all the blogs for ages and I do tangle, but I just don't put them on here. Carole Ole is my CZT and she is great! I have been taking bead classes from her for about 7 years. Now for my comment--- Diet?? Workout?? What the heck is that?? I am 67 and I need to lose about 50 lbs - but why?? I am healthy (according to my doc), I am OK with myself so who cares! I am not trying to impress anyone, but I might try to lose some this year. Personal trainers are too much and like you I won't do the exercises or eat the food - I would starve!! I have too many other important things to do (TANGLE) LOL Love your blogs........Suzi C

  8. Yes, yes, I know... :-) Actually I'm not fat or anything visually devastating, but my doc said I have some problem with my triglycerides (?) and the best way to fix it is to lose 10-15 pounds.

  9. You are being a lot more disciplined than I am. I've been trying to get back into my exercise routine, but haven't done it everyday. Happy New Year!


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