Sunday, December 4, 2011

Excuses, excuses? Part One

This is what my living room looked like in July - when they had just started ripping off the entire back wall of my house...
When my Doubtful Guest mural on the other wall was destroyed, I posted a death threat notice on the Wild Things mural! That's our family growth chart (the leafy vine climbing up the trunk). Who says i don't defend my art!?

This is what my living room looked like in late October as I was moving the family back in, finally. Notice the plastic is still on the bookcases in the other room? I wish I had covered the entire house! There was dust and yuck everywhere - muddy footprints in rooms that had nothing to do with the actual work... It took weeks to clean, paint and find new homes for stuff. This is one of the reasons I asked my publisher for a sabbatical! I had no idea then that I would also end up laying off everyone at my store and start the process of selling everything off... it's been a busy fall!

 Then the relatives came! This was actually quite enjoyable although my OCD, introverted, anti-social self is still reeling! Perhaps it was the three teenage boys...? Although, this one in yellow, Pierce, was actually pretty cool... and useful... as far as teenagers go! He is preparing pineapple and pomegranates here, and he had just finished making tomato and mozzarella appetizers! Yum! My brother-in-law also took over my kitchen and made the ham dinner AND the day-after waffles. Although one of the teens damaged my new exercise machine (like I NEED another excuse NOT to use it?) - in general, they renewed my faith in the male species. Or at least, they suggested some reasons to keep a few around.

How many teenage boys that you know, know how to prepare a pineapple AND a pomegranate? (Pierce taught ME how!)
Brother-in-law, Brian, also useful.
Even my son felt shamed into helping... a little.
And then, she was 5. Lilah's Birthday added to the excitement and meltdown.


  1. My head's whirling just reading about this. When the messes get too big, I tend to shut down, and pretend it doesn't exist. Two thumbs up for anyone that deals!

  2. Ah life, isn't it wonderful? And it will continue to keep you on your toes. It sounds as if things are right on track, Sandy. Just sold 4 of your books at my second class - it was great!

  3. Sandy, I sooooo enjoyed reading your busy blogs. I dont know how you cope! Getting to bed so late, and being mums taxi 'n' all that. You are amazing. I think Lilah looks delightful and I bet shes an inspiration to you. Enjoy them while you have them. One day they will be gone to do their own thing! Of course said by a grannie!


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