Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trish Hilbrand - ZIA Flowers and Ribbons

I thought you might enjoy seeing this beautiful piece by Trish Hilbrand. She gave me permission to show it here, along with the description from her blog. She has some other beautiful combinations of Zentangles® and nature... trees, butterflies, the sun...

This was inspired from the book I bought entitled "Totally Tangled" by Sandy Steen Bartholomew. I was trying out some of the tangle patterns in her book and this is what I came up with. I decided to add some colour to give it some pizzaz.
Tangling is so much fun. Why don't you give it a try! 


Nice, right? The first person to post the names of the three tangles used (in the Comments below) will win a little prize! (Trish and Jodi, sorry, you can't play!) ;-D


  1. Hi Sandy, I believe those tangles are Inbloom, Bannah, and Pods. Bannah and Inbloom are two of my fans and now of course I will have to try Pods!

  2. Dang it! Too late! Beautiful pic tho!

  3. Lovely flower!!! She used Bannah, Pods and Inbloom!

  4. I wasn't first with the correct answer, but will now have to try a Zentangle using Pods, Bannah and In Bloom. Like it alot with the touch of color!


  5. Everyday I browse through tons of Zentangle sites and have yet to try one....If only I had someone to work with....or is that just another excuse? Your work truly is outstanding. Thanks for posting it...a real inspiration.

  6. I also was not the first but I still want to say it....The flowers are Inbloom, supported by Pods then gently framed with Bannah. I haven't tried Bannah before, I will now. Thanks for the inspiration. ReneeZ


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