Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Zentangle Book!

This is my apron in the book! Yeah!
No, it's not THE new book - that I'm working on at this VERY moment... but I do have work in it. This is Suzanne McNeill's "Zentangle Fabric Arts - Quilting, Embroidery". Take a look at her blog for images from the book. There's also info on the Design Originals website.
Now, back to work!
Zentangle Fabric Arts - Quilting - Embroidery


  1. I added a link for the pens I used to draw on the apron.

  2. Hi, Sandy
    I just love your apron. I was in Dharma Tradinging Company a few times and saw the blank aprons and thought of yours.

    I heard you're making a newer book which will be the sequel to "Totally Tangled" which I love very much. Was I'm reading that right?

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Divorce. It's costly and a hassle and leave everyone that know you a bad feeling.

    I'm excited about new books coming out on Zentangles. You should see the silk scarves I'm doing for my Mom, MIL, Sisters, Cousin and Nieces this year for Christmas. I'm using the Habitai Chinese Silk Scarf (reasonable priced) that I get from Dharma Trading Company in San Rafael, Calif. or mail order. The best pens to use on these scarves is the Identi-Pens for fine line drawing because they don't bleed as much compare to the other fabric pens/ markers. One small draw-back on the Identi-Pens (although I still love'em for drawing on silk), the skinny tip runs out of ink so fast! The thicker tip lasts longer. Sometimes you want the fine line, so you're stuck buying plenty of these pens if you decorate more than 4 scarves. This year I've done/ working on 11 scarves. I got 3 more to start on. So far I've drawn zentangles on 8 scarves, but I still have to go back and paint them. I also have 2 onesies, t-shirt that fits a 2 year old, 2 t-shirt dresses that fit a 4 yr old and 6 yr old and 5 t-shirts that will fit a man and 2 different silk shirts (one for my FIL and one for Husband).
    I'm busy!



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