Wednesday, October 7, 2009

CZT! and Tangle of the Week - Beeline

Last week, I spent a few days down in Whitinsville, MA at the second Zentangle Teacher Certification Workshop. I was invited back to talk about my experiences and show my work. I felt like a rock star! I am usually very quiet and kind of hover on the edges of any event or gathering. But here, I often found myself the center of a group and my throat was sore from talking by the end of each day. It was pretty exciting though! It really is an amazing feeling to think that people actually want to hear what you have to say. Of course, I also learned a lot by listening to other people. Anyone reading this outside my teaching sphere of influence - you'll be happy to know, there are now over 100 CZTs (Certified Zentangle Teachers) around the world!! So check to see if there is someone near you. It really does make a big difference to learn from a live person!

The idea of a Zentangle How-to book came up and I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you'd like to see in it. What would the ideal Zentangle book look like to you (and would you buy it?!) I'll put up some patterns that were presented by other members in the group - like an amazing one that looks like chicken wire! For now, here is BeeLine (used in the tile above). This is one of those magical patterns that just jumps off the page as soon as you add the shading. I personally think this one looks more like folded strips of white paper on a black background, rather than just 3-D boxes. It might be fun to try adding a pattern to the strips... hmmm.


  1. I would love to see a Zentangle book and I think one of the most valuable things it could have is a large catalog of tangles with the steps to complete them. And then a chapter on all the creative things that can be done with Zentangles - other than just the little white squares.
    Karen in FL

  2. I'd love to see a book and I would certainly buy it. I attended an online workshop with Rick & Maria as part of a Yahoo group over a year ago and have been fascinated with Zentangles ever since. I agree, it needs to include a large catalog of tangles with steps and it should include some blank pages (formatted like your tangle sheets) to add more. A smaller catalog of sample strings would also be helpful for the beginner. Of course, a basic intro on how to begin creating Zentangles needs to be included. Thanks!!

  3. I would absolutely love to see a book! I am a beginner and so I am collecting as many ideas as I can get. I agree with what the others have said: a catalog of tangles is a must have item. I also think that a catalog of strings would be incredibly helpful to beginners as well as inspirational to those that are more experienced or suffering from lack of creativity.

    i can't wait to hear more news on this and I will watch your website for info!

    Thanks for your inspiration!


  4. Hi there, i've just bookmarked your blog! I am totally addicted to zentangle, like crazy.

    I was wondering if I might be able to pick your brain about Zentangle
    certification, and what your experience was.

    I was introduced to Zentangle by a friend just before Christmas this year, and quite frankly, i haven't been able to stop thinking about
    it. I ordered my Zentangle kit Christmas Day. Then, the day after commenting to a friend that i'd love to be able to teach Zentangle, i
    received the newsletter from Rick and Maria with the dates for Certification.

    One of my resolutions this year is to pay attention to 'coincidences' in my life, and to be more creative daily. This seemed to fit
    together all too nicely.

    i guess i was just wondering if you've been
    doing workshops and how that's been working for you. And also to get a first hand account of what the certification seminar is like. All
    my gut feelings are pulling me towards this, but the logic in me needs to hear it from someone.

    I appreciate your time, and any help you might like to pass along.

    Thanks so much
    Laura Harms lauraharmz at gmail dot com
    Saskatoon, SK

  5. Dearest Sandy, I simply cannot express to you enough how much I love your works and your books! I literally found your Zentangle book#3 and was hooked immediately!! I researched and Rick & Maria and heard a calling...(I'm still waiting & listening...) and became a total Tangling addict! I've since aquired books Basic - #8, along with Totally Tangled and Yoga for your Brain , Zenspirations and others. As I said, I am addicted !! I want to sincerely thank you for the inspiration, information, for sharing your gift with all, and you unwavering support! God Bless~ Peace & Prayers to you and yours Always!
    a.k.a. PeaceSeekingTangler4Life

  6. Sandy, please note that I typed 'your book" when it should read "the book"---as we know those titles are written by Suzanne McNeill. Sorry for that error. Sincerely.

  7. Thanks! And i am so glad you have joined the ranks of the addicted. Welcome.


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