Friday, July 31, 2009

Keeping Zentangle Tangles

From the Wingdoodle (click here to see images) site:

I wanted to share my idea for saving tangles. It works really great and you always have a reference right on hand wherever you go. I divide a page in my book up into squares and then draw the tangles and label them. Start at the back of the book so you can add tangles as you discover and create more of them . I am never stuck for an idea and only have to carry one book. We also have trading cards that Sandy designed divided up into 6 small squares on the back. That enables you to draw step by step instructions for each tangle. There is a larger space under the small squares where you can write the instructions and then on the front you can do a string and do the tangles plus label and sign the card.

Sher Ree

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