Monday, April 27, 2009

Geeky!? I know you want one too...

This weekend, everyone, I mean EVERYONE!, helped put my new trike... er ahem... Adult 3-wheeler... together.
It's actually pretty cool. The proof being that I never get a chance to ride it because someone else is always on it! I wanted something to ride to the studio and be able to lug along some "stuff" (nice big basket). Also I got a cool front-mount baby carrier for Lilah and it is a lot more reassuring to have 3 wheels holding us both up! Just beyond it is a glimpse of Lilah's totally awesome, super-adorable retro-pink trike. Why don't they make this stuff for us too?

Total non-sequitor:
A few weeks ago, we all went to the great new exhibit at the Currier Gallery in Manchester of David Macaulay's illustrations ("The Way Things Work" etc). I didn't get to read more than a few of the descriptions next to the art, but here's a quote from one of them that I really loved:
"It isn't necessary to think in a straight line to make sense.
While uncertainty brings with it the chance for screaming failure,
it also offers the possibility of exhilarating surprise."
Great, eh? Besides his being an amazingly talented artist, and having the same first and middle names as my brother, Mr. Macaulay also has a place in my heart as the person who FINALLY got me out of school. He took over as dean of my dept. at RISD, reviewed my transcripts, and said the golden words: "huh... did you know you have enough credits to graduate this spring?" Thank you! Thank you - THANK you! Anyway, it was a good show.

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