Thursday, January 29, 2009

When Life Gives You Snow...

Snow, snow and more snow. BUT! The sun was out and as I walked along Main Street, I was cheered to hear the gentle sound of dripping. Dripping! Dripping meant it wasn't as cold. Heatwave! This is a picture out my studio window before yesterday's snowstorm. That overhang of snow came down last night, a few inches from my snow-blowing-husband! Now, there is twice as much snow and the snow ledges are enormous, melting, icicles.

And when life gives you icicles...

Alex put maple syrup on his snow! Yummy! No, really, I dare you to try it - it's that good!

And here is a really good reason to fight pollution!
But the alternative was an icicle stuck to the bottom of the car! How gross is that? The ones over the front door seemed a bit cleaner.

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